Indianapolis LGBTQ Counseling

Indianapolis LGBTQIA+ Counseling


My goal in working with Indianapolis Gay, Lesbian, and  Bisexual individuals is to help them accept their sexual identity in a safe, accepting environment. This type of therapy is called Gay affirmative therapy. Gay affirmative psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy for gay and lesbian clients which encourages them to accept their sexual orientation and does not attempt to change them to heterosexual or to eliminate or diminish same-sex desires and behaviors. The American Psychological Association (APA) offers guidelines and materials for gay affirmative psychotherapy. Affirmative psychotherapy states that homosexuality or bisexuality is not a mental illness. In fact, embracing and affirming one's gay identity can be a key component to recovery from other mental illnesses or substance abuse.

I can assist you with:

  • Exploring and embracing your sexual identity

  • Dealing with the shame and/or fear that may be present

  • Coming out to friends and family members

  • Relationship and intimacy issues


There has been a shift in recent years and the general population is beginning to understand and recognize that gender identity does not necessarily correlate with physical gender. With the increase in recognition of transgender individuals and the numerous celebrities that have "come out" as transgender or gender fluid, more people are gaining the courage to embrace their gender identity. While things may be getting better, it still can be very difficult to come out as transgender. We live in a society that continues to hold on to traditional beliefs in regards to gender. Given the struggles transgender individuals face, I have dedicated much of my work to helping trans men and women navigate through the difficulties that arise when they realize they are gender dysphoric. 

My services include

  • Working with transgender individuals to help them find their place in society

  • Assessment in order to provide an accurate diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria

  • Assessment and recommendation for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and gender reaffirming surgery

  • Psychotherapy in order to explore one's gender identity and begin or continue the transition process

  • Explore and manage shame, guilt, fear, and other emotional factors that are common amongst transgender individuals